Instructions for use NanoVein

The gel and capsules NanoVein - mode of employment

How to use it?

As we know, medical supplies of varicose veins consists of two medications.

In regards to the capsules, they are fairly simple to apply. According to the instructions, the patient must consume the medication 2 times a day to drink plenty of water after the meal.

In regards to the gel, and then the application takes place in three steps without the assistance of a person:

Instructions for use
  • The first step - the preparation of the skin Prior to the application of the NanoVein the skin should be clean and slightly damp for better absorption of the funds. Moisture has a beneficial effect on a faster convergence of the ways of an outbreak of the disease. Also, according to specialists, it is necessary to capture a small area around the varicose extensions
  • The second step of the Application NanoVein it is necessary to wear clean hands, gentle massage movements. The number of frost damage to an application patient adapts independently, listening to his own body and focusing on the process of soaking. NanoVein it must be 2 times per day. In addition, to accelerate the healing it is necessary to eliminate bad habits and do a daily load.
  • The third phase - the result is Really, the result is not to wait long, the manufacturer claims that it can occur after the first use of a gel. You just need to manage the full absorption NanoVein!

However, there are people who have the medical supplies of varicose veins is not credible. Most often, the cause of the dissatisfaction lies in the fact that people do not take the trouble to follow the instructions on the application, and want to get a result without any effort. We must not forget that varicose veins is a consequence of the inattention of man to the state of his body. Also, it should be remembered that the handling of the execution of the forms require a longer processing.

Sometimes, the dissatisfied, the comments come from those who have decided to save on the purchase of this tool, finally received a counterfeit. Remember that the order of the tool on the official website of the manufacturer.

The drugs to be used in a tandem to the fastest. Also, don't neglect the contrast showers and a relaxation massage, because it contributes to a better penetration of the gel and of the improvement of the blood circulation.

Indications and contra-indications

Unfortunately, nobody is immune to the appearance of varicose veins. Here are some of the most common symptoms of the disease:

  • frequently, swelling of the extremities;
  • the difficulty of the walk;
  • the persistent pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • more common cramps;
  • sickly appearance of the feet;
  • discomfort after the long duration of the physical load;
  • the instability of the emotional state;

At the coincidence of at least one symptom of the disease, it is necessary to begin the treatment immediately.

The severe forms of varicose veins appear as a result of the fact that the person does not pay attention to their health, by applying it carelessly. Of natural composition NanoVein contributed to the contra-indications to its use is not available. The gel and capsules against varicose veins, in an integrated way, working on the disease in the shortest possible time. Also, the tool removes the swelling, normalizes blood circulation, improves the emotional background. Does not cause allergies. The application of the NanoVein has no age limit. According to specialists in Portugal medical supplies of varicose veins is the most effective among the competitors.